Push The Boat Out – 15th May 2016

Mark it in your Calendars everyone.
We are booked in to hold a Push the boat out session in association with the RYA.
In effect this is come along and try it session, and we have received many new members on the back of this.
Nick and myself will be helping to organise this, but will need some of you to help also. In addition – we will need as many competent sailors on the day to take our visitors and guests out.
This is a really good opportunity to get your friends & neighbours to come along and potentially get wet.
As a result of our survey – many of you mentioned that you would be more than willing to support an non-committee role, this is exactly one of those roles.
I look forward to seeing as many of you there – loch side on Sunday the 15th.
Nick will follow this up with more details around times and the details of support.

Big Fat Sailing Quiz of The Year – Re-Schedule

Unfortunately due to an unprecedented amount of you not being available to attend this weekend we have no other option but to re-arrange the quiz event.

It is disappointing, but if we went ahead I fear it would only be George and myself attending, We could argue the finer points of racing etiquette.

I will look to dates in the future to re-arrange this, and potentially bring it in to the Sailing Exchange programme in July.

Thanks and Sorry.

Car Wash & Coffee Morning

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the bakers, car washers, kitchen helpers and coffee drinkers/cake eaters on Saturday.

We had a lot of coffee morning competition, with at least 3 others going on in the town at the same time, but managed to make 349.57!

Thank you all again – great team effort.


This weekends boat prep and sailing start

As we have now passed our early Easter holiday – it is now time to get back to our sailing.

We have planned to do some General boat prep and repair on Sunday morning from 10:00 and then start our sailing in the afternoon.

Unfortunately LPC have had delays in getting their rescue boats serviced, and are not currently available. This would restrict us to personal boats only for the afternoon sailing. This is very disappointing but depending on the conditions and with enough boat owners I am confident we can still start our season.

Could you please let me know if you are able to attend the boat preparation and if you have your own boat and are planning on sailing?